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MERVAt Johnny Appleseed Festival
M.E.R.V. (Mini Emergency Response Vehicle) goes


where full size ambulances won’t, and is perfect for dense crowds as was recently found at the Johnny Appleseed Festival in Fort Wayne, Indiana. MERV’s ability to carry a full-size ambulance cot allows easier transfer of patients into an ambulance and saves valuable time.

Jeff Cook & Wildfire Win Design Award
We are proud to announce having received an award for the Daimler Chrysler Corporation at the International SEMA automotive show in Las Vegas, Nevada. This Design Excellence Award, one of only six awards presented, acknowledges “innovate thinking, design excellence, and/or superior process management.”

The 2003 SEMA show, held during the week of November 5-8, was attended by 103,000 people.  President, Jeffrey Cook, was honored to receive this award and to be recognized by Daimler Chrysler with his Dodge Fast Attack Brush Fire Truck demonstration vehicle.

War Wagon Racing 10th Anniversary
“Looking back, I can’t believe that it has been ten years. I can still remember my first show with the War Wagon and how nervous I was. Although War Wagon is ten years old, the truck itself is only a couple of years old. With advances in suspension technologies, we had to build a newer truck. We are jumping higher and farther and running a lot faster than we were ten years ago, but that’s what keeps it exciting,” says Jeffrey. “I have had a great ten years and wouldn’t trade them for anything. The friends and fans I’ve met and have been encouraged by through the years are awesome! My goal this year is to run harder and to have more fun with the truck, and I hope to meet more fans.”

Along with building a thriving manufacturing business, Jeff Cook has also continued his successful career on national tour with the War Wagon Monster Truck. We  are excited to announce that the year 2003 marks the Tenth Anniversary of War Wagon Racing! In commemoration of this milestone, the War Wagon has undergone a totally new paint scheme, and many new promotional items have been developed.