Founder & President

Jeffrey Cook, owner and president of has been working on vehicles as far back as he can remember. He started helping in his father’s auto body repair and paint shop at a very early age. Soon, area car enthusiasts sought out the duo for restorations of their own. Jeffrey’s eye for detail impressed his high school auto mechanics teacher, who requested that Jeffrey do work for him as well.

After high school, Jeffrey attended Northwestern College, a trade and technical school, where he graduated with honors and later expanded the family business. He began building custom four-wheel-drive trucks for friends and customers.

In 1991, Jeffrey began working as a volunteer firefighter. He served in various officer positions, and was awarded a Fifteen Year Service Award for dedication to his department.

In 1992, as a crew member for the Nitemare Monster truck racing team, he was redesigning suspension systems. It was here that he discovered his driving abilities, and began driving for the team. After nine months, he accepted an offer to drive for the Overkill Racing Team. In 1993, Jeffrey decided to build and campaign his own truck the War Wagon.

When Jeffrey was not touring with his monster truck, he continued building show trucks. Including Silly Willy and Lil Squirt, which have been featured in magazines and other trade publications.

It was in 1995, that Jeffrey built his first brush rig for a volunteer fire department. He received considerable fanfare, which inspired him to start designing and developing safer and more efficient emergency vehicles. In 1999, Jeffrey and his wife Jody formed a company that specializes in grass fire trucks.  For more history on Jeffrey, visit