Grasstruck.com was formed as a result of the President, Jeffrey Cook working as a volunteer firefighter for fifteen years. He envisioned a need to provide innovative design and safety features that can only come from experience in this field. Grasstruck.com was formed as a result of his vision to build and design emergency vehicles for the fire and emergency services. With his long history of working with all types of off-road vehicles, and his experience in fighting field and brush fires, Jeffrey’s vision to design and develop efficient equipment for the fire industry was born.

In 1995, Jeffrey built his first fire truck conversion for an Auburn based Fire Department. That department is still utilizing their brush truck conversion and Jeffrey’s vision to continue to develop efficient equipment for the fire and emergency industry lives on.  Grasstruck.com has since designed and built fire and emergency vehicles, each vehicle provides unique features based on the customers needs that can only come from years of experience and real field experience.

The design and development of off-road fire fighting equipment has progressed into Grasstruck.com answering consumers’ needs for a smaller, more mobile rescue unit by producing a M.E.R.V. (Mini Emergency Response Vehicle). M.E.R.V is a custom built mini ambulance with innovative safety features and custom options to make their rescue unit the safest and most efficient one on the market. Each unit is custom designed to accommodate the customer’s specific emergency needs. The M.E.R.V takes emergency rescue to a new limit.  Grasstruck.com is striving to be a one stop shop for all emergency, rescue and fire fighting needs.